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Let me PROVE to you that I can quite literally turn on its head the stereotype of a poorly paid writer. My system allows people to make money writing. I mean, how to make REAL MONEY WRITING! I can take literally ANYONE off the street and teach them EXACTLY what steps they need to follow to create their very own MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME from only doing the work ONCE. It is designed for both complete and utter NOVICES as well as seasoned internet marketers alike. It's really quite SIMPLE!

People can and are replicating this over and over again to gain the residual income they once DREAMT of. You will be taught EXACTLY what you need to know in this fluff-cutting programme, which will get you to do the things you would not normally do, to get you the results you would not normally get!

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Andy Hewerdine, Entrepreneur, London, UK
Click here right now to tap into the power of Words To Riches.

Freelance journo turned entrepreneur reveals the inside secrets of turning your words into wealth
... serious wealth

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My name is Rob Colville. A twenty something literary geek turned entrepreneur who moved to London in 2008 to seek his fortune in what would be a round-a-bout way.

Despite working as a freelance journalist back then, writing for a multitude of regional, national and international titles, I was ALWAYS BROKE...and I detested it! I found myself forever throwing away good money after bad on online get-rich-quick schemes and funnily enough none of them worked out. I knew how to write a books. I knew how to get published. I now wanted to learn how to make money from my freelance writing jobs...and I mean decent money!

Finally, I decided to do something about it once and for all! I discovered trading financial markets by pure chance, got good at it, mentored people who wanted to learn to trade, and now help manage a fund. But that's another story!

It was not until going back to my freelance writing jobs that something hit me. It wasn't my girlfriend it was a light bulb moment and, later, I DEVISED A WAY IN WHICH I COULD GET PAID FOR PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING I WROTE! But this was not just a one off payment, this was A RECURRING INCOME FOR JUST ONE PIECE OF WRITING.

So finally I could pay off my credit card bills, take my girlfriend to Paris, then to Rome...and then, Bradford (!!). It was the difference between night and day if, at least, the difference between freshly squeezed orange juice in the mornings and tap water!

So now I am in a position where each piece of writing is MAKING MONEY, MONTH AFTER MONTH, AFTER MONTH. Whether I like it or not! What is more, I am not writing for my editor on mundane subjects...I'M SIMPLY WRITING ABOUT MY PASSIONS AND INTERESTS. It's a nice problem to have isn't it? Let me show you how.

When I am not trading or enjoying life, I am replicating and writing new eBooks after all, EVERY eBOOK REPRESENTS A NEW INCOME STREAM WHERE MONEY IS MADE 24/7/365


Why anyone should write eBooks for a living:

Earn UNLIMITED RETURNS! An eBook for sale online is like a cash machine with LIMITLESS REVENUE POTENTIAL all you need to do it write it and upload it, and wait for the sales to come pouring in.
SELL IT OVER A ND OVER AGAIN! Because it is a virtual product, it can be sold over and over again with no inventories to worry about saving you TIME and MONEY.
SET, FORGET AND EARN! You can fully AUTOMATE your eBook business so once it is published, your work is done. Everything can be set up so you can sit back and enjoy the residual income that selling a virtual product can bring....UNLIMITED RETURNS!!
EASILY and INSTANTLY published. You can get published easily with no experience following a step by step system easily and effortlessly. Gone are the days of you having to get your writing approved by the commissioning editor and published by a publishing house when you can call the shots being YOUR OWN BOSS.
Get INSTANT ACCESS to a WORLD AUDIENCE unlike with the traditional publishing route which often have national boundaries (if they chose to publish you!).
Start up costs: VIRTUALLY ZERO.
ANYONE CAN DO IT! The barriers to entry are low but the potential is endless. Most importantly, you can write about what you want, how you want, where you want and how you want.

But why NOW? The perfect storm...

RIDE THE WAVE! We are PERFECTLY placed to take advantage of a new and HIGHLY LUCRATIVE new and exciting trend which is set to continue well into the future.
eBooks are SOARING IN POPULARITY thanks to the proliferation of e-readers and tablet computers such as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad. Currently ONE FIFTH of Americans have such devices and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. (Source: Nielsen BookScan data)
eBook consumption is predicted to DWARF the number of people reading traditional print forms of media over the next 10 years and a lot of research supports this. A new consumer demand which needs supply.
According to research from Pew Internet & American Life Project: 43 percent of Americans age 16 and older said they have read either an e-book in the past year, or have read another long-form content like magazines or news articles in digital format.
The survey also found that in the past 12 months the average reader of eBooks has ready a WHOPPING 24 eBooks compared to 15 books by a non-eBook consumer.
Paper book sales PLUMMETED by a GIGANTIC 13% last year in the UK, according to findings from Nielsen BookScan. This is the tip of the ice-berg.

Clients use my system as a vehicle for creating
multiple revenue streams of residual income...

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Writing for yourself is really where the money is made. Anyone can do this...
Rob's system is truly amazing. Anyone can see there is huge potential with this and I aim to make thousands per month following exactly what Rob recommends. He is informative as he is entertaining in his writing and clearly an authority on entrepreneurship. He is beyond generous with sharing his closely guarded secrets of success in creating multiple income streams with ease. I would have happily paid $1,000 for the information he gives... I recommend to anyone and everyone.
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Rob, thank you for teaching me your tried and tested methods. Your clear and concise instruction guided me towards success and I am enjoying the yield of prosperity in my life. I look forward to be part of the Words To Riches Members Club
Marleene Stuart, Photographer,
Cape Town, South Africa
How You Can Turn Your Writing Into Powerful
Residual Income Streams in FOUR Simple Steps
with the Words To Riches eSystem

Module 1 Will show you how to consistently find CASH-RICH topics so you know you're ALWAYS going to be paid for every word

These simple steps are a doddle and you will discover how you can take advantage of highly profitable niches where there is HUGE DEMAND BUT LITTLE SUPPLY.

You will learn the secrets of finding profitable subjects to write about and sit back in amazement as you discover how easy it is to cash in on YOUR OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE'S KNOWLEDGE.

You will also see how the most unlikely or far-removed subject areas can often be the MOST PROFITABLE for you to cash in on.

Here you will learn how to write a book and how to become a writer. By default, you will find out exactly how to make money. It just so happens it's self-publishing!

  • How to identify LUCRATIVE topics
  • Techniques to make EVERY WORD PAY
  • Find HIGHLY PROFITABLE angles from zero
  • How to select the BEST from the rest
  • The art of turning 1 eBook into MANY
  • Leveraging OTHER PEOPLE'S knowledge
  • Finding & exploiting niches
  • SECRETS to beating competition

Module 2 will show you how to write about your chosen topic, add powerful income generating bolt-ons and how to get published!

Here you will be taught, step by step how to write a book in digital form. From planning it, to how to get it published in a palatable, straight-forward, time efficient manner.

You will also learn how to maximise your idea's full potential by BOLTING ON EXTRA REVENUE STREAMS while giving exceptional value to your readers to be. The strategies here are lucrative yet subtle - an absolute MUST!!

You will also be taught how you can create MULTIPLE eBOOKS AND INCOME STREAMS from just one short project, maximising your time and creating yet more revenue streams. In addition, you will learn exactly what to do to sell your eBook to the mass market using other people's time and money.

  • How to plan and write EFFORTLESSLY
  • Inside scoop: turning a 5 chapter eBook into FIVE SEPARATE REVENUE STREAMS
  • Achieve HIGH IMPACT with your audience
  • Time saving SHORT-CUTS
  • Secrets to ADDING VALUE with no extra cost
  • NEVER EXPOSED BEFORE techniques to monetize your eBook

Module 3 Hot off the press - taking your eBook to dizzy new heights

You will be taught everything you need to know in order to turn your eBook into a SUPERIOR MARKETING CAMPAIGN which will leave potential buyers FOAMING AT THE MOUTH WITH EXCITEMENT. You will also unearth leading tactics used by the pros, including how you can CREATE YOUR OWN EBOOK SALES WEBSITE IN UNDER 15 MINUTES!! It is at this point where you will have turned a successful eBook into a business with high profit potential.

DISCOVER HOW TO AUTOMATE EVERYTHING so you can automate the marketing, sales and delivery. So you can just sit back and enjoy the financial returns you deserve.

  • Create WINNING campaigns from nothing
  • Transform eBook to PROFITABLE business
  • EVERYTHING you need to be successful
  • SUBTLE ways to get your clients to BUY
  • Leverage OTHER people's time & money

Module 4 will show you how to get your finished gem out to the masses quickly and easily

Here you will find out that you do not need to be a guru at internet marketing in order to get a fantastic response for your finished creation. In fact, THE LITTLE-KNOWN STRATEGIES shared here will show you how you pump it out to world audience USING OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME AND RESOURCES.

You will BE TAUGHT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO NOW in order to get your finished eBook turned virtual business out to a world audience so you CAN SIT BACK AND ENJOY PASSIVE INCOME BEING GENERATED.

  • How to EFFORTLESSLY get sales
  • Pillars of online marketing SUCCESS
  • SECRETS of saving TIME and MONEY
  • How to get OTHER PEOPLE to do the work for you
What our clients are saying
"Not the first time I am purchasing material on how to become a successful internet marketer. I have to say I am greatly impressed. Rob clearly understands the psychology of building a structured system what anyone can follow to generate an extra source of income. The way the information is structured and delivered is exceptionally user friendly and I can only just recommend this system to someone who wants to create his/her own eBook. The return on investment on purchasing this material, will definitely overweigh its cost. A great material which is delivered from an expert based on his personal experiences within this field. Well done Rob!
Giulio Ruzicska, London, UK

What our clients are saying
I bought the Words to Riches system, and in just 30 days I was able to get my first eBook together. Robs step by step guide to writing an eBook is straightforward and efficient. I can't believe how easy it is to write an eBook once you know the inside secrets. I would have never discovered any of this on my own. I had a great idea for an eBook, but no knowledge of what my next steps should be. I now look forward to the freedom of working from home, or from any place in the world, as long as I have a laptop and Internet connection.
Lara Lopes, Masters student, London, UK

Check out this testimonial...
I can't wait to apply this information when I create my own eBook and start making some extra money! I found the overall content in a very practical and easy format to follow. Each page guides you through the whole process from conception to marketing an eBook in a step by step process. It also explains how to get vendors to sell your product for you.
Sam Leach, Student, Hertford, UK

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Bonus #1 - The Internet Marketers Toolkit ($127)
Internet Marketers Tools

FACT: You are not in the business of internet marketing! Your job is not to become an expert on sales and getting people over the line. We use those people as they are top of their game while your job is to be an expert at your business. Writing about what we want just happens to be the vehicle we use to make great financial gains.

However, this training will give you a KILLER EDGE. You will be shown different marketing strategies and how you can use them to maximum effect. This will aid you in getting a positive momentum in your eBook business and you will soon see real results.

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Bring your eProduct TO LIFE with eCover Creater, giving it a POWERFUL VISUAL EDGE that many simply lack. With this bespoke, step-by-step software you can convert a mundane image into a 3D masterpiece in minutes!

You will immediately see the difference this will bring to your campaign, giving your product an extra sense of tangibility and added value it deserves. The process is simple, fast and well explained....further proof you do not need to be a good graphic designer to have great looking virtual products!

Bonus #3 - Think and Grow Rich ($12.99)
Thank and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill. This was the book which gave me my paradigm shift four years ago so, naturally, I would like to share it with you. It's a MIND BLOWER!

Hill devoted 25 years of his life finding out how the wealthy became that way, how they did it and, perhaps more crucially, what they did not do. After interviewing 500 of the most affluent men and women of his time, he unearthed the secret to great.

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